Cocoa Republic was born with one goal in mind: to produce some of the world’s finest chocolate, while ensuring fair value throughout the entire chain. We craft all of our chocolate using only local, Single-Origin Trinitario cocoa sourced from Trinidad & Tobago.  All our beans are carefully fermented and dried naturally in the Caribbean sun to awaken the subtlest flavour notes of world renowned cocoa beans. Our Chocolate Master combines the most exquisite complementary ingredients into our unique varieties to create some of the most memorable chocolates ever. We put meticulous care and attention to detail in every one of our hand crafted chocolate bars.

Our Cocoa Republic Chocolate Masters select the worlds finest ingredients to create each of our distinct masterpieces. Our sourcing philosophy is simple. We use the best Trinidadian Cocoa Beans and selectively pair those beans  with the best complementary ingredients available on the global market. Our coffee comes from the highly prized Blue Mountain located in Jamaica and our milk is sourced from happy, grass-fed Irish cows. We believe in socially responsible purchasing and all of our ingredients are GMO-free.

The Trinitario group represents a unique hybrid collection of types that arose in Trinidad from crossings between mixed Criollo and mixed Forastero types in the late 18th century. Widely renowned as the world’s finest cocoa. This group really took the best qualities from each parent plant, resulting in a healthy, sturdy plant with a robust “chocolate” flavour and a range of subtler secondary notes.

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Single Origin Trinitario Cocoa

Every batch of chocolate we make comes from a Single Origin within Trinidad & Tobago. Sourcing from a region allows us to develop and showcase unique flavors available within the environment. Combined with intrinsic factors, every bar of chocolate has a unique range of flavors. We include a batch number, hand-signed born-on date and unique flavor profile in every bar to help you identify new flavors and develop your chocolate palette.

Trinidad’s Legacy of Fine Chocolate

Trinidad is exceptionally lucky because we have over 2,000 varieties of cocoa growing naturally on the island. This accounts for nearly 70% of the world’s genetic diversity of cocoa. Trinitario is regarded as being among the world finest cocoa and naturally evolved on our island. All of Cocoa Republic’s chocolate is produced using the Trinitario cocoa variety.
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