It all starts with the tree. Our climate and soil all influence the quality of Trinitario cocoa. Sourcing exceptional organic cocoa beans is the key to our exquisitely crafted chocolates. Thus, the process begins with the tree – at the farmers’ cocoa estates.

Our tight-knit relationships with our farmers have facilitated the sharing of expertise and knowledge, which have impacted positively on the growing and harvesting of cocoa industry. We have also conducted training workshops for farmers. During these workshops farmers gained knowledge on proper agricultural techniques for cocoa growing.

Our dedication to sourcing has important inherent benefits, which have allowed us to create a decadent organic product just for you. We do all this while operating under environmental and ethical practices with our farmers and everyone involved.


Cocoa Republic sources 100% of its Gran Couva beans from the Rainforest Alliance Certified. The Gran Couva region of Trinidad & Tobago is renowned for producing some of the finest cocoa in the world. It consistently wins international recognition for producing some of the finest flavoured cocoa. This region’s loamy soil and undulating hills combined with a near perfect climate is perfect for growing it. These unique conditions result in some of the most exquisite flavoured chocolate with a myriad of distinct fine-flavour notes.

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