Sarah Bharath


Since taking that leap of faith from cocoa academia to real-world science, Sarah has begun to truly explore the ongoing saga that is the world of cocoa and chocolate at a commercial level – both locally and internationally. Her travels continue to take her to places where she shares precious time with, and learns invaluable lessons from, amazing people involved in cocoa production, research, bean trade, chocolate manufacture and sales.


Through these heart-opening experiences she has found that her passion lies with people and field-based assignments that help to bring science to life in a real-world context. This passion helps to create links between people of diverse interests and talents and she is always ready to open those plant conversations with whomever is willing to pause for that plant cause.


Her recent formal introduction to permaculture and her daily commitment to putting it into practice have only served to fuel the fire regarding true self-sufficiency and sustainability, regeneration and care for self, others and the environment. With volunteering being a staple activity in her to-do list for more than 17 years, she remains committed to sharing her expertise and enthusiasm for teaching and learning about plants (especially cocoa!) with all who wish to do the same.