Roland Thomas


Roland’s remedy to transcend to places of great imaginative inspiration has been deep thoughts and great music. He has always been an avid admirer of art, which led him to excel in the field well beyond average at a young age. This, coupled with the background of having artistic family members honed his talent and helped shape his creative journey. Not only did he have a passion for design, but also technology. Roland completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (University of Hertfordshire), which led him to work in the field of Information Technology for 3 years at the University of the West Indies. This experience helped him to develop a diverse background of experiences in computer science and innovation processes.

Working with technology in the day and doing graphic design at night makes Roland akin to the likes of a Swiss Army knife being able to adapt to different situations by using both talents. In recent years, Roland’s career path has led him into advertising and visual communication. His taste for intricate patterns, difficult concepts, clean cut designs and abstractions strongly influences his work. Free from any particular style or perspective, nothing excites him than a problem to solved and no challenge is ever too difficult for him. Roland’s aim is to create great experiences and real connections through the use of design and be able to explore various fields through collaboration and teamwork. He believes in God, good dialogue with people, together with smart work are the keys to create strong lasting and remarkable design. One of his main goals at Cocoa Republic is to create product designs that help people understand our brand. It isn’t just about how our designs look but how our brand makes you feel.