Each of us at Cocoa Republic has fallen deeply in love with chocolate, sustainable permaculture and the cooperative spirit within the Trinidad & Tobago chocolate industry. Although we each come from very diverse backgrounds, we are all social entrepreneurs at heart and with some luck this is going to be the first of many eco-ventures our team puts together.

This project has brought on a sort of spiritual growth for every member on our team. We’ve all experienced it differently, but we are all definitely more committed to creating a better world for our children through sustainability and conscious business practices.

Our vision for Trinidad & Tobago is one based around organic food production and eco-tourism. Having a safe, chemical free environment is essential to our future as a company and as a nation. We are starting with chocolate estates, and using them to create a little slice of paradise deep in the untouched heart of tropical Trinidad & Tobago. Every decision we make, every bar we produce is infused with this cooperative spirit of love and creation.

Now who wants chocolate?

~Cocoa Republic Team

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