Each of us at Cocoa Republic has fallen deeply in love with chocolate, sustainable permaculture and the cooperative spirit within the Trinidad & Tobago chocolate industry. Although we each come from very diverse backgrounds, we are all social entrepreneurs at heart and with some luck this is going to be the first of many eco-ventures our team puts together.

This project has brought on a sort of spiritual growth for every member on our team. We’ve all experienced it differently, but we are all definitely more committed to creating a better world for our children through sustainability and conscious business practices.

Our vision for Trinidad & Tobago is one based around organic food production and eco-tourism. Having a safe, chemical free environment is essential to our future as a company and as a nation. We are starting with chocolate estates, and using them to create a little slice of paradise deep in the untouched heart of tropical Trinidad & Tobago. Every decision we make, every bar we produce is infused with this cooperative spirit of love and creation.

Christopher Boodoosingh


Chris’ love for cocoa & chocolate is only surpassed by his love for wife & daughter. Having dropped out of USC’s Viterbi school of Engineering in summer 2008, Chris began his career as an entrepreneur immediately after. Over the last 8 years Chris has developed several competencies that has laid the pathway & helped facilitate his journey into the … Read More

Daniel Barcant


From a young age Daniel has been a working man. The early days of coaching the T&T national sailing team after school hours and building boat hulls. After high school he moved to Europe where lived for four years working for a successful London firm in the tech-music industry. He then took a few months off to travel before moving … Read More

Roland Thomas

Chief Design Officer

Roland’s remedy to transcend to places of great imaginative inspiration has been deep thoughts and great music. He has always been an avid admirer of art, which led him to excel in the field well beyond average at a young age. This, coupled with the background of having artistic family members honed his talent and helped shape his creative journey… Read More

Michael Dayton

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael has been passionate about chocolate and sustainable food production since his first trip to Trinidad & Tobago in 2012. Coming from a diverse background in international business and organic food activism, he bring a unique, cross-cultural perspective to the project. Michael is leading the tech and marketing division of Cocoa Republic… Read More

Christopher Brash

VP Business Development

Christopher has a passion for sustainability and aspires to produce goods & services that change the world. He is on the constant search for solutions to the energy crisis, global health issues, and food shortages in places and ways unknown to others. His overarching desire is to create… Read More

Verena Siblal Boodoosingh

Public Relations Director

Verena systematically ascended the difficult ladder to success in Trinidad and Tobago’s entertainment industry. The former TV Host and journalist has over 9 years experience in the media and public relations arena. Verena holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communications … Read More

Derek Waddell


35 years as an international senior executive, focused on the beverage and food business. As a CEO of various companies specialized in the marketing, distribution, franchise management and operations. He marketed and sold products in 30 Central American, North American and Caribbean markets.

Sarah Bharath

Cocoa Scientist

Since taking that leap of faith from cocoa academia to real-world science, Sarah has begun to truly explore the ongoing saga that is the world of cocoa and chocolate at a commercial level – both locally and internationally. Her travels continue to take her to places where she shares precious time with, and learns invaluable lessons from, amazing people involved … Read More

Prof Pathmanathan Umaharan


Professor Umaharan is an expert in plant genetic resources management, genetic analysis and crop improvement. Pathmanathan Umaharan joined the teaching staff of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in August 1991.  He lectured a variety of courses including General Genetics, Advanced Genetics, Plant Breeding, Evolution, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. He was later promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1999 … Read More

Colin Barcant


Colin Barcant studied civil engineering at MIT after which he moved back to Trinidad and began work at Chaguaramas Terminals. He was responsible for the development of the former Alcan Bauxite Marine Terminal terminal into a multi usage Port for Breakbulk Cargo and the Offshore Oil &Gas Industry. He negotiated and managed contracts with Mobil, Enron, Exxon, BP, All Seas, … Read More

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