Christopher Brash


Christopher has a passion for sustainability and aspires to produce goods & services that change the world. He is on the constant search for solutions to the energy crisis, global health issues, and food shortages in places and ways unknown to others. His overarching desire is to create a world that is forever habitable.

Through his passion to be a producer Christopher is always looking for opportunities to enrich those around him; Cocoa Republic is such a venture where he sees true potential for job creation and economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago. Diversifying the economy of this twin island nation ranks high on his goals in life. Production of the highest quality chocolate in the world, in his home country, is to him a proof of concept for numerous other agricultural goods that the Caribbean is capable of developing.

Providing sustainable goods and services meets the ethical component of Christopher’s life aspirations. Driven to see a bright business culture of tomorrow, he believes that all new businesses must be sustainable and follow the path to zero impact if they are to survive the information age.

Christopher received his MBA from the Bill Munday School of Business at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas in December of 2015. His MBA thesis was completed on the analysis of a food based business consultancy project, which helps him bring a studied perspective that will be essential to the growth of Cocoa Republic. His family owns an estate that produces an extremely high quality cocoa product’s line.

His great grandfather was a cocoa estate owner and grower of the Trinitario strain, before it even got its world-renowned status. While his aunt, Isabel Brash is currently the most respected chocolatier in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s safe to say, cocoa runs in his blood.