Christopher Boodoosingh


Chris’ love for cocoa & chocolate is only surpassed by his love for wife & daughter. Having dropped out of USC’s Viterbi school of Engineering in summer 2008, Chris began his career as an entrepreneur immediately after. Over the last 8 years Chris has developed several competencies that has laid the pathway & helped facilitate his journey into the world of cocoa & chocolate.

Having formal disciplinary skill sets from USC in Engineering & Business, Chris complimented these background knowledge bases with his practical involvement in several ventures over the years. His various ventures over the years include Manufacturing, Events, Technology & Advertising.

Known as an innovator & visionary, Chris has innovated in every industry he has been involved with.

His passion for holistic & sustainable approaches to life is evident in his ventures and his way of life.  Now after years of study and gaining a deep understanding of the chemistry and history of chocolate, he has created one of the most memorable chocolate bars in the region, maybe the world.

His focus however, is not on the chocolate alone. He recognizes the interconnectedness of systems, and is cultivating a team dedicated to making Cocoa Republic as sustainable and responsible as possible. Concerned with the environment we are leaving for our children, and considering the food security of future generations, he is working towards promoting organic and sustainable farming techniques wherever possible.