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  • Single Origin, Tree-To-Bar chocolate
  • Handcrafted in Trinidad & Tobago
  • 100% Organically Grown Trinitario Cacao
  • Sourced from a Rainforest Alliance Certified Cooperative
  • Grown with love and respect for the environment
  • Every purchase supports sustainable agriculture


The best chocolate starts with the tree, its soil, and climate. Much like wine, environmental factors influence the flavor of the cacao fruit, which is perfect for our chocolate. Trinitario is native to Trinidad and is perfectly suited to her climate and soil. Sourcing exceptional organic cocoa beans is the key to our exquisitely crafted chocolates. Thus, the process begins with the tree – at the farmers’ cocoa estates.

Our tight-knit relationships with our farmers have facilitated the sharing of expertise and knowledge. We have also conducted training workshops for farmers, which have positively impacted the local cocoa industry. Our interactive workshops are designed to give farmers practical techniques they can use to improve their harvest and revenue, while remaining sustainable and organic..

Our dedication to sourcing has important inherent benefits, which have allowed us to create a decadent organic product just for you. We do all this while operating under environmental and ethical practices with our farmers and everyone involved.

“If the finest wines in the world can trace their origin all the way from the vine to the bottle, why should the finest chocolate be any different?”
~ Christopher Boodoosingh, CEO


Cocoa Republic sources 100% of its Gran Couva beans from the only Rainforest Alliance Certified Estate in Trinidad. The Gran Couva region of Trinidad & Tobago is renowned for producing some of the finest cocoa in the world. It consistently wins international recognition for producing some of the finest flavoured cocoa.

This region’s loamy soil and undulating hills combined with a near perfect climate is perfect for growing it. These unique conditions result in some of the most exquisite flavoured chocolate with a myriad of distinct fine-flavour notes.


We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time creating some very special flavours to make our chocolate a memorable experience for everybody. Our flavours range from bold and dark chocolate to milky and sweet. All of our artisan crafted recipes are designed to highlight and complement the natural flavour profile of Trinidad’s Trinitario Cocoa.

65% Dark Chocolate with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

We’ve artfully combined some of the finest flavours in the Caribbean into one of the most memorable chocolate experiences. Cocoa Republic’s 65% Dark Chocolate with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee combines a delightful Trinitario Dark Chocolate with what is widely considered the finest coffee in the world. Careful to balance powerful flavours, our chocolatiers have created a masterpiece that slowly reveals itself as the chocolate melts in your mouth.


Trinitario Cocoa from Trinidad • Demerara Brown Sugar from Guyana • Organic Cocoa Butter • Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica • Non-GMO Soy Lecithin

Malted Milk Chocolate with Toffee

Its safe to say our chocolatiers have really outdone themselves with this creative combination of carefully selected ingredients. Cocoa Republic’s 45% Malted Milk Chocolate with Toffee features carefully sourced organic, stone-ground, heritage malt barley. This carefree flavour and distinguished texture will carry you back to your childhood. Take a bite, your inner child is waiting!


Trinitario Cocoa from Trinidad • Demerara Brown Sugar from Guyana • Whole Milk Powder •  Organic, Stone-Ground Malt Barley • Organic Cocoa Butter • Non-GMO Soy Lecithin • Vanilla Beans from Madagascar


Process Locally

Every batch of chocolate we make comes from the Gran Couva Region in Trinidad & Tobago, just an hour drive from our factory. We go from bean-to-bar in weeks and capture some incredibly unique flavors. You’ll fall in love with the rich combination of flowery, fruity and chocolate flavors notes in every Cocoa Republic bar.

Our Environment is Our Legacy

Earth is our home and the greatest legacy we can leave to our children is a healthy environment. We source from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates and are actively helping build organic cocoa cooperatives to preserve our shared future. We have sponsored local NGO efforts to build awareness about climate change and affect positive changes.

Meaningful Impact on Our Community

Our farmers are important to us, and we care deeply about their well-being. We pay a premium for the finest cocoa and invest in local farmers by sponsoring community educational sessions. Our founders have also created and sponsored NGOs to combat climate change and improve cocoa estates and communities.


The Academy of Chocolate Awards aim to recognize and showcase great-tasting chocolate and its producers.  At the 2018 Awards, Cocoa Republic competed with 1,200 entries. Entries were received from traditional chocolate making producers in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, as well as newer producers.  Leading chocolatiers from across the industry, including Luke Frost of Valrhona and Keith Hurdman from Felchlin, came together to judge the awards, and were joined by Andrew Baker of The Telegraph, Charles Metcalfe MW and Spencer Hyman of Cocoa Runners, as well as some of the UK’s most prominent chocolate bloggers and food writers.

Cocoa Republic is proud to announce that we won three awards in 2018.

Tree to Bar

Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar

Best Packaging


Representing Trinidad & Tobago, Cocoa Republic is honoured to be the only Caribbean finalist in the International Chocolate Awards to have won and been recognised for exceptional chocolate at the 2017 Americas Competition. The 2017 Americas Competition was judged in combination with the 2017 Asia-Pacific competition having a combined total of over 1,000 products registered for judging. This is a record for the International Chocolate Awards, which included over 650 plain and flavoured bars! We at Cocoa Republic thank you for supporting Caribbean made products and are proud to bring the hidden gems of the Caribbean to the worldwide stage.

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavoring


The International Chocolate Salon was founded in 2007 by TasteTV and TCB Cafe Publishing and Media. At that time TasteTV produced the first major artisan and premium chocolate event on the West Coast of North America, the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. In 2009, the International Chocolate Salon began award competitions focusing on various categories of chocolates and confections.

To this day it is one of the premier international bodies celebrating and honoring artisan and premium chocolates and confections. In 2017 Cocoa Republic won….

Best Texture

Most Unique

Best Taste



All of our bars are 30g / 1 oz and are available for purchase online. We offer three different package sizes:

  • Pack of 2 (2 Dark Bars, 2 Malt Bars or a 1 of each variety)
  • Pack of 5 (5 Dark Bars or 5 Malt Bars)
  • Pack of 10 (10 Dark Bars, 10 Malt Bars, or 5 Bars of Each)

Each bar comes with a wrapper, hand-signed by the chocolatier that crafted your chocolate. It also features a map of the estate and the unique flavor profile of this source of cocoa beans.


We are only selling on Amazon and all payment will be made through their platform and according to their terms of service.

  • All orders are shipped out of California
  • Orders are shipped on Mon. – Wed. and with a cold pack to ensure the chocolate doesn’t melt
  • Orders placed Mon – Wed before 11:00 AM (PST) will likely ship the same day
  • Orders placed between 11:00 AM (PST) Wednesday and Monday morning will ship on Monday
  • Orders typically 2 – 3 days to be delivered, depending how far you are from California
  • We guarantee our chocolate to arrive in excellent condition. If it is melted upon delivery, contact us immediately and we will replace it at no cost to you.