Small Change Documentary

Trinidad & Tobago is an exporter of natural gas and has been ranked the second highest per capita producer of greenhouse gases in the world. This is a serious situation that threatens the lifestyle, health and beauty of the island.The documentary follows IAMovement and climate activists through the 2014 and 2105 Climate Marches in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. The film serves as a wake-up call to local Trinbagonians about the crisis facing their nation, and the small, actionable steps they can take to help combat global warming.

Cocoa Republic Co-Founder, Daniel Barcant is featured in the film and worked with IAMovement to produce this 20 minute long documentary. The film has created waves in the Caribbean nation, and has been shown at high-schools, college and universities across the island. The film won the “2016 Official Selection” at the Trinidad & Tobago Film festival, and was showcased at the Toronto Film Festival.