Climate Talk Project 2017

The Climate Talk Project was a series of talks given at local high schools, universities and other organizations to raise awareness about climate change and how we can create a better world together using renewable energy. The talk was organized as a partnership between High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago and IAMovement.

Cocoa Republic founder, Daniel Barcant, was an event organizer and featured speaker. He spoke passionately about the importance of making small changes in your life, and used Cocoa Republic as an example of how you can create a sustainable, profitable company, while improving the environment and society. Setting an example for local students is especially important in Trinidad & Tobago, as the country tops the charts for greenhouse gas emissions per capita.

The following is reproduced with permission from IAMovement’s website. The original article can be found here:

“Climate Talk takes the climate conversation forward in T&T. Under Climate Talk, the short documentary film “Small Change” produced by IAMovement is being shown in some 40 schools, organizations and public spaces throughout 2017, accompanied by interactive open floor discussions about the many social, economic and environmental benefits which T&T can experience by ‘going green’. In line with the theme and content of “Small Change”, these discussions centre much around renewable energy opportunities in the private and public sectors, as well as other very pertinent issues we face locally such as waste and recycling.”