Michael Dayton

Michael has been passionate about chocolate and sustainable food production since his first trip to Trinidad & Tobago in 2012. Coming a from a diverse background in international business and organic food activism, he bring a unique, cross-cultural perspective to the project. Michael is leading the tech and marketing division of Cocoa Republic.

He is especially excited about the opportunities for community development and the promotion of organic permaculture techniques. One of his true passions is raising awareness around sustainable farming and the dangers of chem-farming to the environment, to the water supply and to the sustainability of the soil over generations.

He is currently an entrepreneur and current Managing Director of a technology start-up firm based in Port of Spain and is thrilled to put that experience to work towards the environment. He intends to take a technological approach to the project and is looking forward to creating some cool techie applications to enhance the current efforts of existing activists and academics interested in permaculture, organic farming and sustainability.