Representing Trinidad & Tobago, Cocoa Republic is honored to be the only Caribbean finalist in the International Chocolate Awards to have won and been recognized for exceptional chocolate at the 2017 Americas Competition. The 2017 Americas Competition was judged in combination with the 2017 Asia-Pacific competition having a combined total of over 1,000 products registered for judging; This, a record for the International Chocolate Awards, included over 650 plain and flavored bars!

We at Cocoa Republic thank you for supporting Caribbean made products and are proud to bring the hidden gems of the Caribbean to the worldwide stage.

Single Origin

Every batch of chocolate we make comes from a Single Origin within Trinidad & Tobago. Sourcing from a local region allows us to develop and showcase unique flavors available within the local environment.


At Cocoa Republic we believe everything is connected. We can only handcraft the finest chocolate if we produce it from the finest natural cocoa available. Organic farming produces the finest flavoured cocoa and helps ensure a sustainable shared future.

Socially Responsible

At Cocoa Republic, we pay our farmers a premium to make sure they have a comfortable standard of living and can afford to carry on Trinidad’s legacy of producing some of the finest cocoa in the world.

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