Cocoa Republic has been recognised as a world-class chocolate maker. We are honoured to have won several accolades from The International Chocolate awards, The International Chocolate Salon and The Academy of Chocolates Awards.

We’re Passionate About Our Values, Beliefs & Culture

Single Origin

Every batch of chocolate we make comes from a single region within Trinidad & Tobago, just a few hours drive from our factory. We go from bean-to-bar in weeks and capture some incredibly unique flavors. You’ll fall in love with the rich combination of flowery, fruity and chocolate flavors notes in every Cocoa Republic bar.


Earth is our home and the greatest legacy we can leave to our children is a healthy environment. We source from Rainforest Alliance Certified estates and are actively helping build organic cocoa cooperatives to preserve our shared future. We have sponsored local NGO efforts to build awareness about climate change and affect positive changes.

Socially Responsible

Our farmers are our countrymen and our neighbors, and we care deeply about their well-being. We pay a premium for the finest cocoa and invest in local farmers by sponsoring community educational sessions. Our founders have also created and sponsored NGOs to combat climate change and improve cocoa estates and communities.

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